Friday, 19 April 2013


Good Morning to all my Dear Friends and fellow Crafters,

It has been raining from this morning early here in Hartbeespoortdam and quite chilly, I think winter has finally arrived.  This brings a smile to my face as I will then spend more time in my Studio as I hate to go out in Winter in the cold.

After cleaning and re-organizing my studio, I have rediscovered quite a few unfinished projects that I have been shifting from the one side of my Studio to the other side.  It never gets done and sometimes I get so angry with myself as I think that I will do it this week and that does not happen.  I came across this Article of Lisa Lelas and decided to follow her steps on Time Scheduling.  My unfinished projects has been put in a Vegetable container in the one side of my studio and the schedule for completing them pasted on front of the Container using flouresent papers squares.  I hope this article will help you sort out all those unfinished projects and getting you fired up for the next project....

Please feel free to send us your'e unfinished projects that you have finished with a Time Schedule that we can  Inspire our other Crafters.



Juggling multiple projects at one time is a major Organizing challenge for many creative people.  Scrapper's can easily utilize a large assortment of tools and supplies just for working on layouts and albums, so one can only imagine the mountain of products necessary when juggling projects from other artistic hobbies as well.  This can double or even triple the amount of unfinished projects on hand, wasting time and stealing prime storage space in your home or studio.  It's time to JUMP OFF the CRAFTING TREADMILL and finally FOCUS on crossing the FINISH LINE!!!!!

Recent studies have proven that the human brain does not respond well to performing various tasks at one time.  In Fact, working on just two projects simultaneously can take 3 - 4 times longer to complete than if you had focused on just one project at a time.  It's okay to have grandiose ideas for net projects, but the trick is to be able to file away those ideas effectively so they don't start diluting what you are already working on.

Realizing that it's difficult to clearly concentrate when working on multiple project at one time, it is best to stop the fantasy that you can.  Keep one current project out at a time and file away creative ideas for future projects by setting up and index card system.  Write out a new idea on a card and file it in a container, such as a recipe box or a Rolodex.  The simple act of writing it down should be enough to relieve some of the pressure and let you enjoy the task at hand.  Once the current project is completed, browse your idea file for the next project you'd like to tackle.

Set a tentative deadline date for each project.  You may want to date them according to preference, or according to which projects need to get done by a particular date.  For example, when you are immersed in project A, and and invitation arrives for a special event (such as a wedding for graduation, requiring a celebratory layout or album), project B now becomes priority.  Changing gears means labeling unfinished projects as works in progress and storing them elsewhere.  Any projects you have yet to start should be tossed into the idea file, using the card system detailed previously.

As you begin the process of prioritizing projects you would like to complete, it might also be a good time to review all unfinished projects from other hobbies as well.  If you've recently found joy in scrapbooking as a new hobby, for instance, take a hard look at some old hobbies that have either have diminished in interest or those that you just don't have time for anymore.  There might be a subconscious, reason for this.  Maybe knitting that unfinished sweater isn't as important anymore, or sanding and painting greenware pottery simply does not bring you the joy it once did.  Perhaps you and a friend, who has since moved away, enjoyed a particular hobby together.  If you haven't invested any time in the hobby since her departure, it might mean that the time spent with your friend was more important than the activity.  Take an honest look at all your arts and crafts from past hobbies and decide which ones still bring you joy.  Consider donating all unused craft supplies to local schools, churches, shelters, or nursing homes.  Artistic endeavors still of interest to you should be placed together in specific areas, labeled by hobby.

Having an inviting work space available is half the battle of keeping up your craft momentum.  Once you've cleared out all the half-finished projects you no longer want and have properly filled or stored away ideas and future projects, more space will be available in you craft area.  Keep you desk or craft table clear of everything but the work on hand.  Make sure everything you need to finish your current project is placed within an arm's reach.

If you still find that you need to complete several unfinished projects at the same time, create a time schedule for each.  Hang a chart on a wall near your craft table listing the projects you need to finish.  After each project, draw a grid of 5 - 10 squares, depending on how much time you think you will need to complete each one.  Each square will represent a chunk of time you can reasonably provide when working on a craft project.  If you can dedicate two hours every evening for crafting, then each square in the grid will represent two hours.  If you prefer crafting for five uninterrupted hours on a weekend, then the squares might represent five hours each.  If project A is projected to take ten hours to complete, you would put five two-hour squares or two five-hours squares beside it on the chart.  Decide how many squares on the grid will be needed to complete each project and check off the appropriate squares as you make the time work on projects.  Having a time chart in front of you not only keeps the projects in focus but serves as a reminder to get them completed.  Remember, even if rotating several projects, it is important to put every unfinished project completely away before starting another.

This Article was found in Scrapbooking & Beyond - Issue 36.  
Lisa Lelas is a professional organizer, lifestyle coach and author/speaker.  You can visit her website on


Have a lovely weekend and Happy Crafting!!!


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, this is wonderful tips for getting our crafty lives in order and organised. Also love your new design papers. And I am your very proud FIRST FOLLOWER!
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Lizette Saaiman said...

Thanks Desire, will post some actual finished work done after the weekend....I am busy with three box pages.

Rachelle said...

Hi Lizette,
welkom in blogger land. Hoop jy geniet dit so baie soos ons ouer bloggers!
Dankie, vir al die tips, ek het die week terug gekom van SA en het besluit my Studio kort dringend iets anders. My man was dadelik vuur en vlam toe ek idees gee so nou kan ek nie wag om te begin nie. Sal as ek klaar is bietjie foto's opsit. Ek is jou tweede volger, gestuur deur Desire. :-)
Lekker naweek vir jou

Pumpy said...

Some good advice here will give it all all all a go. xx

Lizette Saaiman said...

Dankie Rachelle, ek is bly dat my blogs vir jou nuwe inspirasie gegee het, ek kon nie meer in so deurmekaar plek werk nie, ek het idees gesoek om myne in orde te kry. Ek weet van my ander vriende se studio's of werksareas lyk nes ek is bly as ek kon help. Het jy 'n blogsite kan jy asb vir my die link stuur dat ek jou kan volg.

Lizette Saaiman said...

Thanks Pumpy, I hope you are going to be my 3rd Follower. I am going to boom this Year....

Pumpy said...

I see you have a Pam as a follower, is that me, making the usual mess up...

Lizette Saaiman said...

@Pam, hope these articles will help, but battling to juggle evertything...