Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Goodday my Dear Blogger Friends,

I have not been blogging and I miss this so much.....Just to get you up to speed what is happening in my Life......CHAOS!!!!!!!! and I mean it.  So I will not be blogging for at least another two weeks, but will post photos of the mess in the old house and the new one.  We are moving to a bigger house 3 minutes drive from were we live now, but this is so amazing....  We have an big open plan house, with indoor braai, swimming pool and jacuzzi.  Outdoors we have a tennis court, me and my hubby loved to play when we were younger, so we want to start playing tennis again.  Can help with those extra kilo's without going to the gym as I never get there, and nobody can look and stare at me as this is in my back yard enclosed....

There is an outdoor flat with a kitchen and bathroom and this is going to be my  new studio.  I can not wait to get my new studio painted organised and getting my first clients for a Craft class, so excited....... Much smaller than the one I am in now, so this is quite a predicament for me as know I have to get rid of some of my stock lines.  I have decided to sell the Bisqueware off as one unit.  There is raw bisqueware and painted ones, the material and all the paints that I have left.  Value R7500-00 worth but asking R3000-00 or you can make me an offer.  

I hope there is some one that will be interested as this is a nice to start a business, children love to paint this for holidays.  I am sad to sell this as I have loved to do this but I had to compromise and this will be the bisqueware.

There is also two stands that will not fit....they are still brand new, had them for six months R350-00 a stand...or make me and offer for both.



If you know of anyone that will be interested in some of this products, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0767846669 or

I hope you will have a wonderful week and weekend and will be thinking of me during this hectic period.

God Bless and happy Crafting.....

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Hi to All,

I had a great and busy week up to today, how is you week so far?

Have you been Scrapping and making something special for Fathers Day and how will you be treating your special Dad.  I will be posting some Fathers Day cards for you guys as Inspiration over the weekend.

I had so much enquiries about the Paper Sale that I have decided to extent this until the end of June, as part of Fathers Day Specials!!!!

All the Bisqueware products are smashed to 60% less....please pop in to come and have a look.

Lucky Dips - This is really great Value for Money (and only a few left) R50-00 (Value R150-00) and R100-00 (Value R250-00)

Scrap kits from R60-00, R120-00 and R150-00

Paper Sale R3-00 and R5-00




I will be hosting the following Classes for June so please book not to avoid dissapointment.  These classes are a moring and afternoon sessions to accomodate everyone.
Scrapbooking Classes @ R150-00 per session - kit included
Monday 10th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Monday 17th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Tuesday 25th June from

Cardmaking Classes @ R150-00 per session - kit included
Thursday 13th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Thursday 20th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Thursday 27th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00

Mosaic Classes @ R180-00 per session - kit included
Wednesday 12th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Wednesday 19th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Wednesday 26th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00

Bisqeware classes for kiddies @ R100-00 per session - kit included
Friday 14th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Friday 21st June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00
Friday 28th June from 09h00 till 13h00 and 14h00 till 17h00

The classes includes tea, coffee and a selection of lovely muffins to keep the Creative Juices flowing

There will also be a Special Holiday programme from Monday the 24th June untill Friday the 12th July, please contact me if you are interested in the Holiday Classes to keep your children busy

I hope you will be having a wonderful week and enjoy your Arts & Crafts

God Bless

Idube Arts & Crafts
3 Boemcrescent, Ifafi, Hartbeespoortdam
Lizette Saaiman 0767846669

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Amazing Make Over

Goodday to all my Crafters out there,

I have been so busy juggling everything that I do not get to my Blogsite.....

I was treated to an Amazing Experience by Alette-Johanni Winckler (Image Consultant and Stylist),    as I wrote in for the Make Over Competition that was running in May at Village Mall in Hartbeespoortdam and was contacted on Friday  by Zandre that I have won and I must be at the Mall on Saturday morning for this lovely treat.

When I got this phone call I was with my hubby driving and all I wanted to do was scream and shout  but we were still  in the car and still on the phone.  This was so excited and I could not contain my emotions any longer and as we stopped at the Pet Shop, I just screamed but hubby still did not know what was going on.  He was so happy for me and supported me 100% as to go for it and accept the price.  Towards the evening the jitters of the Before photos and the fiddling and measuring started kicking in and I was not  so sure as if I made the right decision to accept the price.  But this was way to late as luckily I did not have Zandre's phone number and this was after 10h00 on Friday evening.  Needless to say hubby made me some herbal tea and said that I must go to sleep and stop worrying.

Well, Saturday morning, I got up early, got dressed, did my hair, NO make-up and off we went.  My husband took me to the mall and we waited for Zandre before their Management Offices but was so jittery that I could not stand still.  There was also a flew market so we decided to start walking and looking at some of the stuff to get my mind at ease.

And then the fun and games begun.  My first stop was at Placecol were they did my nails that looks so quite and funky.  Thank you Pick n Pay for the nice Cuppacinos that I had throughout the whole day, this was really a good caffeine boost.  Then  I went back to Dis-chem were the real fun and games started.  I was measured, analized and the the nicest of the whole day.....THE SHOPPING SPREE......  This was a lovely treat and I now know why I sometimes looked horrible on photos, because of the wrong styles and colours.  Then back to Innovative Hair Design were the lovely Janine treated me as a Queen and really did an amazing job on my new hair colour and style.  While my hair was busy transforming I was spoilt to bits with sushi from Ocean Basket.  Hubby could not contain his excitment any more and was waiting with me.   I got dressed with the outfit that Alette-Johanni has put together for me and then back to Dis-chem were the last and final touches was done, the make-up, jewellary and then the reveal.  I really felt very spoiled as everyone treated me so special and I know this was a great blessing.

Thank you again to Village Mall for this Competition and the Lovely Alette-Johanni Winckler for treating me like a Queen for the day.

I looked Amazing and we had a 50th Birthday Party of Alta to attend so I was the Queen of the Ball the evening....

Have a wonderfull week and keep your eyes on my Blog for my Wacky Wednesday Specials!!!!

God Bless

Friday, 17 May 2013


Good Morning on this quite Chilly Friday.

I had a wonderful Scrapbooking Class Yesterday at RS & E by Liane van Harn, (, and learnt some nice new techniques as we did a lovely Ice Cream double layout.  When I saw this layout I knew exactly which photos I was going to use on this layout that is lying in my Photo Storage cases, Holiday in George December 2010.

On my way back I popped in for Coffee at my dear friend and fellow scrapper Desire Fourie of Doing Life (  I picked up some Card packets that she has made up for me and can not wait to start on them.  Me and my friend Elsa Barhuizen is also going to Desire on Tuesday for my first Card Making class at her and I can not wait.  I have been Scrapping with her for almost 4 years and love her layouts but never attended a Card making class in my Life, so this is a first for me......(You are never to old to learn something new)

But for now, my day has been taken up by my two Loving boys again as Erasmus is playing Rugby for the 1st Team at Highschool and there opponents are in Highschool The Wilgers, so that is an hours drive and after that game I have to rush home to support IB that play for the local Rugbly Club to watch his games playing for the 1st and 2nd Team.  The live of a Mothers never stops.....but I love  these boys of mine and will do anything to keep them happy and healthy.  So I am packing Hot chocolate, my camera and my blanket for tonight again.


Everytime that I go to RS & E, I am amazed by all the New Stock can not get enough....I hope you will LOVE this as much as I do...

I am so into Stamping and Punching these days, as I do not have to buy so much Embellishments anymore as I make my own.....I just LOVE this and hubby as well.

These Stamps are just so Adorable and Versatile, I could not resist

INK98860 - Thinking of You Clear Stamp - R20-00

NOTCS756 - Grunge Clear Stamp - R40-00

NOTCS753 - Bubble Wrap Clear Stamp - R40-00

BOSRM020 - Appointment Calendar Clear Stamp - R50-00

B014105683 - Praire Chic Clear Stamp - R50-00

BGSTA2732 - Monkey Around Clear Stamp - R120-00

These Punches are just so can do so much with them....I will be buying the Whole Range so keep your eyes on this Blog.

EK54-51003 - Dimensional Doily Punch R285-00

EK54-50082 - Dimensional Paradise Punche R285-00

EK51000 - Dimensional Carnation Punch - R285-00

EK50080 - Dimensional Gardenia Punch - R285-00

I hope that you will have a Wonderfull and Busy Weekend, Crafting and spending with Loved ones and Enjoying Live....

Love Lizette....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013



Whether you choose a decorative motif or a themed shape, these classic raised images can add subtle dimension to backgrounds, photo mats and more.  Once you've mastered simple dry embossing techniques, learn to change the face of designs by debossing or colouring images with chalks and paints for endless looks.

Encylopdia of Scrapbooing - Creating Keepsakes


WAS R55-00 NOW ONLY R25-00





The Whole of May is Special Month, and Remember to go and LIKE my FB page for the Gift Hamper of R550-00 that I am giving away...

Enjoy the rest of the week, keep safe and God Bless.