Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Goodday my Dear Blogger Friends,

I have not been blogging and I miss this so much.....Just to get you up to speed what is happening in my Life......CHAOS!!!!!!!! and I mean it.  So I will not be blogging for at least another two weeks, but will post photos of the mess in the old house and the new one.  We are moving to a bigger house 3 minutes drive from were we live now, but this is so amazing....  We have an big open plan house, with indoor braai, swimming pool and jacuzzi.  Outdoors we have a tennis court, me and my hubby loved to play when we were younger, so we want to start playing tennis again.  Can help with those extra kilo's without going to the gym as I never get there, and nobody can look and stare at me as this is in my back yard enclosed....

There is an outdoor flat with a kitchen and bathroom and this is going to be my  new studio.  I can not wait to get my new studio painted organised and getting my first clients for a Craft class, so excited....... Much smaller than the one I am in now, so this is quite a predicament for me as know I have to get rid of some of my stock lines.  I have decided to sell the Bisqueware off as one unit.  There is raw bisqueware and painted ones, the material and all the paints that I have left.  Value R7500-00 worth but asking R3000-00 or you can make me an offer.  

I hope there is some one that will be interested as this is a nice to start a business, children love to paint this for holidays.  I am sad to sell this as I have loved to do this but I had to compromise and this will be the bisqueware.

There is also two stands that will not fit....they are still brand new, had them for six months R350-00 a stand...or make me and offer for both.



If you know of anyone that will be interested in some of this products, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0767846669 or

I hope you will have a wonderful week and weekend and will be thinking of me during this hectic period.

God Bless and happy Crafting.....

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