Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My Amazing Make Over

Goodday to all my Crafters out there,

I have been so busy juggling everything that I do not get to my Blogsite.....

I was treated to an Amazing Experience by Alette-Johanni Winckler (Image Consultant and Stylist),    as I wrote in for the Make Over Competition that was running in May at Village Mall in Hartbeespoortdam and was contacted on Friday  by Zandre that I have won and I must be at the Mall on Saturday morning for this lovely treat.

When I got this phone call I was with my hubby driving and all I wanted to do was scream and shout  but we were still  in the car and still on the phone.  This was so excited and I could not contain my emotions any longer and as we stopped at the Pet Shop, I just screamed but hubby still did not know what was going on.  He was so happy for me and supported me 100% as to go for it and accept the price.  Towards the evening the jitters of the Before photos and the fiddling and measuring started kicking in and I was not  so sure as if I made the right decision to accept the price.  But this was way to late as luckily I did not have Zandre's phone number and this was after 10h00 on Friday evening.  Needless to say hubby made me some herbal tea and said that I must go to sleep and stop worrying.

Well, Saturday morning, I got up early, got dressed, did my hair, NO make-up and off we went.  My husband took me to the mall and we waited for Zandre before their Management Offices but was so jittery that I could not stand still.  There was also a flew market so we decided to start walking and looking at some of the stuff to get my mind at ease.

And then the fun and games begun.  My first stop was at Placecol were they did my nails that looks so quite and funky.  Thank you Pick n Pay for the nice Cuppacinos that I had throughout the whole day, this was really a good caffeine boost.  Then  I went back to Dis-chem were the real fun and games started.  I was measured, analized and the the nicest of the whole day.....THE SHOPPING SPREE......  This was a lovely treat and I now know why I sometimes looked horrible on photos, because of the wrong styles and colours.  Then back to Innovative Hair Design were the lovely Janine treated me as a Queen and really did an amazing job on my new hair colour and style.  While my hair was busy transforming I was spoilt to bits with sushi from Ocean Basket.  Hubby could not contain his excitment any more and was waiting with me.   I got dressed with the outfit that Alette-Johanni has put together for me and then back to Dis-chem were the last and final touches was done, the make-up, jewellary and then the reveal.  I really felt very spoiled as everyone treated me so special and I know this was a great blessing.

Thank you again to Village Mall for this Competition and the Lovely Alette-Johanni Winckler for treating me like a Queen for the day.

I looked Amazing and we had a 50th Birthday Party of Alta to attend so I was the Queen of the Ball the evening....

Have a wonderfull week and keep your eyes on my Blog for my Wacky Wednesday Specials!!!!

God Bless


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow Lizette, you are one lucky girl and the transformation is amazing. Red really suits you. So pleased you got seriously spoilt. They do say that the feathers does not make the bird, but hey I am sure you agree, if one look and feel great on the outside, the inside is even more joyous. Happy happy for you.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Lizette Saaiman said...

Baie dankie Desire, dit is lekker dit gee jou sommer 'n boost oor jouself...Kan nie wag vir Saterdag nie, kom net nie daarby uit om my fotos te laat doen nie...Sal seker more dit doen.

Pumpy said...

Wow the transformation was amazing. I thought you looked so pretty at Desires the other day. By the way did you get my banking details. Have a nice and quite move, your new house sounds amazing. xxx