Saturday, 4 May 2013


Good day to all my Lovely Fellow Crafters.

It has been 2 hectic weeks, juggling again between begin Mommy, Wife and Business Woman, that I do not get time for myself (as usual), what is new if you are a MOM and working from home, they don't think you are doing anything, relaxing on the couch all day with a good book or watching video's and do not forget the glass of Wine and snack bar in front of you.....Yeah right!!!!

Winter has arrived and my Family is so sick, have been to the Doctors already twice with kids and  my Hubby went this morning, so you can guess how my weekend is going to turn out.....Lovely "lol", with demands and grumpyness the whole weekend.

I have been so busy working out new kits and packing them for my Scrapbooking days coming up and are so excited for all the new Clients that is supporting me, Thank You as this is a real blessing.

Focusing on National Scrapbooking day, Saturday the 4th of May, my classes filled up quite quickly and I have classes that rolled over to Sunday as well.  Very very excited.....and then we have Mother's day coming up on the 12th May, I am not having classes over that weekend but decided to have a big SALE for the whole month of May, YIPEE!!!!!

I am selling Scrapbooking papers out for R3 and R5 to make space for the new and exciting papers that came in last week.  There will also be Lucky Packets R50-00 (Value R150-00) and R100-00 (Value R250-00), these will be filled with papers, embelishments, ribbons, etc....

We have also received new Stock - Punches, Stamps, Chalks, Embelishments, Stickers, Cutting systems, Mosaic tiles and a lot of wooden blanks.

Now Drumm Roll Please!!!
Have you got a Slice machine at home and are wanting some new Cartridges?  Well, now you can afford it and can ask Hubby to buy you some for Mothers Day...I am going to post some of the Slice Cartridges and products on that has been Slashed down on Prices, but you are welcome to contact me as well if you are looking for some other Slice Cartridges or Products.  If you buy 3 Cartridges you will receive a pack of Repositionable adhesive with not ONE but TWO applicator brushes normally selling at R79-00 for FREE!!!!


M33335 - Slice Drawing Tips Black - Was R135-00 Now R95-00 (Only 15 Left)

M32414 - Slice Drawing Tips Bright - Was R135-00 Now R95-00 (Only 27 Left)

M33334 - Slice Drawing Tips Primary - Was R135-00 Now R95-00 (Only 17 Left)

M32253 - Slice Drawing Tips Basics - Was R135-00 Now R95-00 (Only 10 Left)

M32254 - Slice Embossing Tips - Was R239-00 Now R145-00 (Only 13 Left)

M33995 - Slice Repositionable Spray Adhesive - Was R65-00 Now R52-00 (Only 27 Left)

M30757 - Slice Tacky Adhesive with two Spatulas - Was 79-00 Now R52-00 (Only 15 Left)

M30948 - Slice Spatula - Was R75-00 Now R45-00 (Only 5 Left)

M33992 - Slice Pink Hand Bag - Was R599-00 Now R465-00 (Only 5 Left)

M35482 - Slice Hands Free Kit - Was R450-00 Now R349-00 (Only 7 Left)

M33993 - Slice Pink Tool Kit - Was R270-00 Now R219-00 (Only 2 Left)

M30949 - Slice Teal Tool Kit - Was R185-00 Now R159-00 (Only 5 Left)

M34856 - Slice Fucible Web Pack, 12 x 12 - Was R79-00 Now R54-00 (Only 5 Left)

M30950 - Slice Design Card Storage - Was R179-00 Now R145-00 (Only 5 Left)

M31050 - Slice Design Card Wedding - Was R450-00 Now R299-00 (Only 1 Left)

M36492 - Slice Design Tie the Knot - Was R450-00 Now 329-00 (Only 8 Left)

M37018 - Slice Design Card Dilly Dally - Was R450-00 Now R369-00 (Only 7 Left)

M33752 - Slice Design Card MS + Happy Trails - Was 499-00 Now R365-00 (Only 5 Left)

M33745 - Slice Design Card MS + Summer - Was R450-00 Now R365-00 (Only 1 Left)

M33746 - Slice Design Card MS + Parties - Was R499-00 Now R325-00 (Only 1 Left)

M33744 - Slice Design Card MS + Baby - Was R450-00 Now R375-00 (Only 1 Left)

M36487 - Slice Design Card Tis The Season - Was R439-00 Now R359-00 (Only 1 Left)

M36489 - Slice Design Card Little One Fabrique - Was R439-00 Now 359 (Only 2 Left)


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Desire Fourie said...

So jammer om te hoor dat die familie nie wel is nie. Jy moet jouself maar dose met baie vitamiene. Eks so bly dit gaan goed met jou klasse. Ek kan sien jy was baie besig, met organsering van al jou nuwe voorraad.
Lekker naweek vir julle, so tussendeur die siekwees.
Mooi bly
{Doing Life – my personal blog}